A Robust, Flexible and Scalable Cognitive Robotics Platform

The EU-funded RoBUTCHER intends to develop a cognitive Meat Factory Cell (MFC) with high autonomy properties using core robotic technologies based on AI and cognition. The project will provide small and medium-scale meat processors with the tools to overcome technical obstacles that prevent the adoption of robotic automation systems.



RoBUTCHER on LCA Food 2020

RoBUTCHER on LCA Food 2020 - 21.10.2020

Clara Valente and colleagues from NORSUS (Norwegian Institute for Sustainability Research) present...

Collecting data

Collecting data - 29.09.2020

September 17. was the first of seven planned slaughters in the lab...

Dexter gets ready for action!

Dexter gets ready for action! - 31.08.2020

Alex Mason fitting Dexter with his first tool, a 12” breaking saw....