Collaborative Workshops: AI Detection and Execution of Trachea Gripping Point

3. mai 2022

At the end of March and at the beginning of April there were held and series of workshops at NMBU in Ås (Norway). This workshop series consisted of a mixture of remote support and physical attendance and included attendance at NMBU by the following consortium members:

The list of testing activities shown below is a testament to the successful collaborative work carried out throughout this series. During this workshop there was a lot of testing and validation of physical system improvements. The highlight of the workshops was successful AI prediction and execution of trachea gripping point but picking of the saddle and placing onto the inspection rack is also a big deal.

picture (a)
picture (b) Ole and the DMRI gripper sporting the new rapid tool changer adaptor (a) and (b) AI generated trachea gripping

Activities and achievements