EU Extraordinary Review: The most exciting day of the year 2022?

9. desember 2022

Looking back on the RoBUTCHER year 2022, a strong candidate to win the “Most Exciting Day of the Year” -trophy would be the EU Extraordinary Review that took place on 29 September at NMBU.

The expectations were high, both the project group’s and the reviewers’. Many of the project group members travelled to the beautiful Ås, while others participated remotely, like the Project Officer and Reviewers. Weeks of hard work and detailed planning, preparations and workshops culminated on that special Thursday.

The review day included project overview, updates from all work packages, demonstration of hot cutting live from NMBU’s lab, as well as live demonstration of cold cutting at DTI-DMRI.

The most anticipated part of the review day, however, was the Project Officer and Reviewer feedback that took place late in the afternoon. The message was positive and clear: the review was successful, and the RoBUTCHER project can carry on as planned. Congratulations and well done!

The review day ended with happy cheers and rounds of applause.

Written by M.K. Nordström