Internal gripper ready for testing

5. november 2020

Obuda University has completed work on a specially made gripper for removing the trachea and internal organs during the RoBUTCHER slaughter. From being a sketch on a drawing board, they now have an actual, physical gripper.

The gripper

The carcass holding unit (CHU) used for fixating the pig carcass is placed at NMBU in Norway where most of the testing is taking place. Originally, the gripper was also supposed to be tested at the RoBUTCHER facilities at NMBU, but due to the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, Obuda University has found alternatives for testing their new gripper.

They have created their own manual CHU similar to the one stationed at NMBU. This allows testing to proceed and the project can continue to develop. The testing is performed in a Hungarian slaughterhouse adjacent to the George Berci Surgical Practice and Research Laboratory which is part of the Semmelweis University.

Gripper presentation by Obuda University

On the 7th of October, Obuda University presented the RoBUTCHER trachea gripper at a virtual event hosted by Campden BRI Hungary and Innoskart Klaszter.

This event is a part of building the European Network of Living Labs which seeks to support digital innovation via knowledge and technology transfer in the food processing industry. The presentation of the gripper caused great enthusiasm among the virtual audience.