Last RoBUTCHER workshop at NMBU

11. november 2022

10.11.22 – 10th of November 2022 – this memorable day is both happy and sad for RoBUTCHER. On that day the last workshop was held at NMBU, Norway. Today we prepare to say goodbye to Dexter and Ole and the whole MFC, because starting next week the system will be dismantled, packaged, and sent to MRI, Germany.

Do you know the happy-sad feeling when your kids go to the nursery for the last time? You are happy to see them grow and develop, so they go to school next. At the same time, you are sad because they grow so fast and they are not small kids in nursery anymore… We are very proud to see the RoBUTCHER system grow and develop so much, and it is ready now to go out of the lab into the next phase of its life.

To ensure smooth transition from Norway to Germany, Vaclav and Tomas from MRI have participated in the workshop today and have received hands-on training from Dmytro and the NMBU team, supported of course by Anton and his CIKLUM team online, as well as Per Håkon from Animalia.

Earlier that day Olga (NMBU) said: “I cannot imagine what we are going to do without this system”. Vaclav (MRI) answered: “We cannot image what we will do with it…”.

After the training and workshop MRI is more confident in operating MFC, but of course after the system is re-assembled in Germany the whole RoBUTCHER team will be supporting them. On this happy-sad day, we would like to thank each and every member of the RoBUTCHER project, wherever you are, for your invaluable contribution, your expertise and dedication and motivation that have made it possible. The RoBUTCHER project meeting is scheduled to take place on 26-27 January 2023 in MRI, Germany. We are looking forward to it!

Watch the last pig being slaughtered at NMBU