Presenting the RoBUTCHER concept to the Hungarian business sector

17. august 2020

The Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics (IROB) which is well-established research center within Óbuda University and one of the consortium partners in the RoBUTCHER project, presented in late June the project at a webinar arranged by Innoskart Klaszter – organized as an online alternative to the annual agro-food innovation trade show. Innoskart is a Hungarian nationwide cluster providing mainly IT services (hardware and software), targeting the food industry, manufacturing, and research organizations.

The seminar that was titled «Tailoring digital solutions for the food industry” and the presentation of RoBUTCHER was focusing on showing how efficient the new slaughtering approach of the project can be. In Hungary, pig-slaughtering is a traditional feast, and being still popular on the countryside. But the classical method is far away from the automated Meat Factory Cell concept that is being developed within the project. Interest was high, and as so often asked, one of the questions raised after the presentation was “When will the industry be able to buy and use this”.