Research Progress at NMBU

3. januar 2023

Pursuing a PhD is a significant accomplishment that requires inspiration, talent, beyond the state-of-the-art knowledge and perseverance. It is a journey that involves several milestones, including the successful completion of coursework, passing exams, publishing papers, presenting at international conferences, and exciting process of thesis writing and dissertation defence. Each of these milestones is a major step on the path to earning a PhD and represents an accomplishment in and of itself.

On 16th of December 2022, Dmytro Romanov held his midway seminar presentation entitled “Investigation and application of human-robot collaboration on meat processing lines.” This was followed by the final PhD seminar of Ian De Madeiros Esper with the title “Robotised Adaptive Cutting System for the Meat Factory Cell.” Both PhD candidates are supervised by Alex Mason at NMBU.

It was a great opportunity to discuss their research progress and achievements. There were extremely interested attendees, both physical and virtually and they asked relevant questions that developed into an animated discussion enjoyed with coffee and biscuits.

Following this, Dr. Abhaya Singh gave a masterclass talk entitled “Introductory presentation to fractional calculus“. Abhaya has recently joined the Food Automation Team to work on the GentleMAN project. He gave an overview of his research experience and an insight of the approach he intends to apply. In the ensuing discussion, it became very apparent that there is significant room for collaboration between the current projects in the team and the exchange of expertise of its members.

It was an enlightening day with well-deserved congratulations to Dmytro whom has just passed the midpoint of his PhD studies, Ian who approaches the end of his PhD journey, and Abhaya who is now an established researcher.

Congratulations to you all!!