RoBUTCHER completes its final industrial trials

28. juni 2023

With a mix of nostalgia and accomplishment, the months of testing come to a close at the MRI facility in Germany. The Meat Factory Cell (MFC), a ground breaking venture in the slaughtering of pork carcasses, is at the forefront of revolutionising meat production, offering a viable alternative to traditional livestock processing.

Written by: NMBU

The facility has been a hub of innovation, where scientists and engineers have collaborated to perfect the techniques of processing animals for the meat industry. As the final MFC test concludes, the lab at the Max Rubner Institute echo with a sense of fulfilment and anticipation for the future of meat production.

The conclusion of MFC testing signifies a remarkable milestone in the development of artificial intelligence, robotics and automated production development technologies for the production of pork primal cuts. Over the last six months, the MRI facility has been a hotbed of activity with collaboration of different project partners both in person at the facility as well as remotely via Teams, all with the intention of reshaping the food industry production methods.
The many different components of the MFC cease production at the facility in Kulmbach, Germany and are prepared for the long trip back home to NMBU in Ås, Norway. This is not the end of an era, but perhaps the dawning of a new age in sustainable food production. The legacy of the RoBUTCHER project and its MFC is just a stepping stone in the long awaited and needed update of standard practices in meat production and the exploration of innovative solutions to global food challenges.