RoBUTCHER on LCA Food 2020

21. oktober 2020

Clara Valente and colleagues from NORSUS (Norwegian Institute for Sustainability Research) present a poster at International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment of Food (LCA Food 2020) hosted from October 13th to 16th.

Clara Valente, NORSUS
Clara Valente, NORSUS

The conference was online this year, a combined pre-recorded video presentation with interactive digital conference format. The active participants were around 350 people.

The poster regards the Social Life Cycle Assessment task (T1.4) in the RoBUTCHER project, showing key performance indicators at the slaughterhouse and results from the social hotspot analysis. Potential social impacts are assessed by the Social LCA (S-LCA) methodology.

The results of the hotspot analysis illustrate the relative contribution of social subcategories referring to the stakeholder categories Workers and Local Communities in the Spanish and Norwegian pig meat sector. In both cases, the results indicate low to medium risks in the social indicators for working hours e.g., while high risk varies in the two cases. The results for the generic assessment will be compared against on-site data from End User Reference Group (ERG).