RoBUTCHER presentation at the 8th International Conference of Social Life Cycle Assessment

16. september 2022

The 8th International conference of Social Life Cycle Assessment was held in Aachen (Germany) from September 5th to 8th 2022. The S-LCA conference is the main arena for discussing the current methodological developments and best practices in social life cycle assessment (S-LCA).

The conference was organized in a hybrid format with 160 participants coming from all around the world.

The motto of the conference was “Leave No One Behind”. This refers to the UN 2030 Agenda and the UN Sustainable Development Goals and signifies the importance of attending to the needs of those furthest behind in social wellbeing. More information on the conference can be found here.

Clara Valente, senior researcher, and Ellen-Marie Forsberg, Managing director, from NORSUS participated to the conference. NORSUS held a presentation entitled “Social consequences of pig slaughtering automation” in the session “Social assessment for sustainable food systems and Onboarding developing country realities”.

NORSUS’ presentation was based on work in the RoBUTCHER project and focused on the potential social negative and positive impacts that the introduction of a system such as Meat Factory Cell could have to workers at pig meat processing plants and to the surrounding local communities.

From the left: Dr. Ellen-Marie Forsberg, Managing Director of NORSUS & Dr. Clara Valente, project manager for the RoButcher project at NORSUS