RoBUTCHER presented at iMAC2023

30. september 2023

Key results of the RoBUTCHER project were presented by NMBU (Alex Mason) and DTI (Lars Bager Christensen) at the International Food Automation Congress (iMAC). The results focussed on automation cells for hot and cold cutting developed within RoBUTCHER, respectively. The event was hosted in Malaga, Spain during 25-28 September, 2023.

iMAC was first established in 2001 to exchange user and provider experiences, following the European Commission Meat Automation Concerted Action ( MACA 1997-2000). iMAC has brought industry and researcher organisations together, to facilitating collaboration, supporting instigation of new user driven solutions for practical adoption. The 2023 event was attended by around 50 delegates, with representation spanning Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and the UK. Further, the event marked the return of iMAC, with a plan to host the event every two years, under the leadership of Ole Alvseike (Animalia AS).