RoBUTCHER presented at Robotics4EU

2. september 2021

The Robotics4EU aims to ensure a more widespread adoption of (AI-based) robots focusing on 4 application areas: Agri-food, healthcare, inspection and maintenance of infrastructures and agile production by addressing user need and societal acceptance.

The RoBUTCHER project was recently presented at an online debate hosted by Robotics4EU. The debate was titled “The Robotics4EU Maturity Assessment Model” and concerned the greatest challenges in the widespread adoption of AI-based robotics in EU and to find out if there are any criteria that EU can use in the development of a maturity assessment model. The issues that were discussed included stakeholder’s interest in the maturity assessment model, how to convert ethical, legal, or socio-economic issues into quantifiable indicators for the robotics solution, and how to score a robotics solution in regards to the maturity assessment model. The ultimate goal is to develop a widely accepted maturity assessment model that assesses the conformity, trustworthiness, or societal responsibility of a robotics solution.

The RoBUTCHER project was briefly presented by Olga Korostynska, NMBU. There were 40 participants included in the debate and they were specifically interested in how ethics and acceptability of the RoBUTCHER solution is accessed.

There will be more workshops, co-creation workshops and public consultations with experts and citizens. The Danish Board of Technology is already conducting these consultations with citizens, where robot designers, manufacturers and end-users are brought together to discuss development and acceptability of novel robotic solutions, as well as social and ethical aspects.

The RoBUTCHER presenter Olga Korostynska from NMBU on the upper line, second from the left.