RoBUTCHER presents itself to the European Robotics Community @ ERF2020

9. mars 2020

RoBUTCHER was invited to present at the European Robotics Forum (ERF2020, 3-5 March, Malaga, Spain) with both oral and poster presentations of the project objectives, mission and impact. Project coordinator, Alex Mason from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, also gave a short-recorded interview regarding the project activity and what it really means for the meat sector.

The event was attended by researchers, businesses and entrepreneurs, including big names in the sector like KUKA and PAL Robotics. Although some did not attend due to coronavirus concerns, it is still estimated that some 800 experts attended the 3-day event. Tamas Haidegger of Óbuda University also attended.

Project coordinator, Alex Mason

The project was well received, and it is notable as the only project within the latest round of European robotics funding with a focus on the meat sector. Many others focus on inspection, health and other agri-food topics. “Overall the event has led to several interesting discussions and opportunities, including reopening the debate on collaborative use of large robots” says Alex. “This is one area we had almost given up on due to the current legislation, but some at ERF have other ideas, which is great!”.

As well as discussion with researchers and exhibitors, the event also enabled the first steps to engage with European Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), and understand how the RoBUTCHER project or Consortium can build a useful bilateral relationship. This included particularly setting up future meetings with the Norwegian clusters involved in the DIH “agROBOfood”.