The last workshop of 2020

11. januar 2021

The last workshop of 2020 took place on the 9th of December. Two pigs were slaughtered and the focus this time was on the removal of the internal organs. Ocellus, the AI-system developed by Bytemotion, was tested to see if it could track the trachea of the pig once the carcass was opened.

Project Co-ordinater Alex Mason has this to say about the workshops: Testing of the AI system has been a really positive end to the year, showing that it has been possible to make progress despite the inevitable restrictions on collaboration brought by covid-19. All partners have had to be flexible and work together in different ways than we imagined, but we have managed. Mostly this has been enabled through use of digital platforms for allowing virtual participation, for file transfer and for remote access to physical hardware. I don’t say that such means are a perfect replacement for good old fashioned “in-person” collaboration, but it has meant we did not stand still. Therefore, this year we have collected a lot of training data, we have demonstrated and developed new tools for gripping and cutting, as well as started on demonstrating the AI parts of the initiative.

A merry group at NMBU. From left: Alex Mason, Olga Korostynska, Ian de Medeiros Esper, Dmytro Romanov, Jonathan Aspinall and Luis Eduardo Cordova-Lopez